Kings In Blue and White

We are all Penn State. However, the Kings in the Blue and White rule this castle.


We are all Penn State. However, the Kings in the Blue and White rule this castle.

Coming back to State College this fall I was reminded that kings rule this castle

And by kings I mean the newest representatives of Nike’s sports wear

You know those tall built guys with those coveted Penn State ego bundles on their backs

An ordinary individual such as my self would call them packs

But see if yours is blue with a Nike swoosh the length of your dignity

Has your name and Jersey number on it

With a laminated plastic helmet dangling from a thread of your personality

Then you run this campus

Or should I say ride since these kings are chauffeured around on my tuition

And don’t do much other than follow the beat of a whistle

Oh and surf their time away on those all expense paid ipads

But they’re the cover of State College for 16 weeks

What if the camera was on these kings

When they are all sitting on their thrones during a school day

Because all I see them do in class is sit cushioned on their phones anyway

But they just get paid to play

Games that they only seem to win when they’re away…at parties

Which is Largely due to the fact that they’re entitled to being above average athletes

But be below basic performers in the class

And please!

Don’t tell me they don’t get a pass

Because in a fair academic race a lot of these kings would be last

Yet a lot of them cross the finished line first

tell me again when it became ok to email students asking for their work

Just so you could suit up and continue to wear your crown

But this is what makes Castle de Nittany go round

As long as there are kings to ring that bell of equality on Saturday afternoon’s

Then this Valley will stay happy

We Are!!

Blue and White subjects

Being led by the Blue and White kings

As we continue to pay for our 34 thousand a year dreams

They will remain on top of an American common theme

More money

Less responsibility

But to my humility I still cheer Onward State’s

Blue and White kings


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