The Carson Phenomena

In a string of [debatable] lies, Ben Carson finds himself at the center of his own narrative. Yes, the man that’s currently polling at the top of the Republican race is being called a liar. Of course, who better to defend the front-runner than the Republican base? No, this isn’t an insult towards his credibility (as questionable as his stories are), but an inquiry on the base that vehemently defends him. Before we go any further, I’d like to clear up any suspicion that this is an opinion piece on whether or not Democrats are better than Republicans or vice – versa. Beyond the constant struggle of the two, I’d like to ask a question to the ideological right: “Why Carson?”

Image #: 35203351 Ben Carson, an outspoken conservative and potential presidential candidate, speaks to the Palm Beach Republican Club in Palm Beach, Fla., on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015. (Carline Jean/Sun Sentinel/TNS) Sun Sentinel/ TNS /LANDOV

If we reminisce on the two previous national elections, in which President Barack Obama won both, we can clearly see from the polling that the African-American demographic strongly pulled for Democratic candidate. It was a historic turn of events for a black man to not only become the front runner, but to win. TWICE. It was a time in which the Republican base had failed to rally any of the growing minorities within the U.S.

Seeing that the traditional white male role model wasn’t going to work anymore, here came Carson. It’s seemingly fit for the base and their reinvention: a black man who is educated in all aspects and understands the complexities of his social surrounding. Right?

Wrong. There’s actually no other statement that could prove to be more ridiculous than the one just made. Behind the charade of parading this man around as the savior of the Republican base, we can look towards the statements he’s made regarding social divisions to see that he’s completely absent minded. The front – runner has said this regarding his black brothers and sisters and the #BlackLivesMatter movement: “I detest political correctness. People died – they paid with their lives so we could have freedom of speech. And freedom of expression. And political correctness is the antithesis of that.” As a presidential hopeful, Carson can’t rally behind a cause that orients itself on the belief that black lives DO matter… himself being a black man, but instead decides to disparage the movement by saying he’s not a supporter of being politically correct, otherwise known as being consciously aware of what you say. In what seems to be a failed attempt by the conservative majority – white base to revitalize their outdated image, the support for a black man that might as well claim he’s colorblind actually does make sense.

Now, I get it.

Source: Salon

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Matthew is a Mexican American from Florida. With majors in Communication Arts and Sciences as well as Political Science, he seeks to foster diversity through awareness. When not advocating for equality he enjoys listening to Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, and other rap gods. Matthew may be found eating Mexican food, watching a new Netflix series, or engaging in controversial Facebook debates. Email him at

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