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  cropped-screen-shot-2015-03-26-at-12-12-50-am.png “......Onward State works to generate honest conversation in the hopes of enriching the Penn State community and experience.”  That’s the mission that the most powerful media group on campus abides by. With the capacity to reach the student body, alumni, and the greater State College community, there’s an undeniable amount of power in being able to provide the “honest conversation” that they’re advocating for.

As the student – run group celebrates their success with their publications seventh birthday; we can use this “celebratory” time to reminisce on their editorials for this year. Now, as a minority student, “honest conversation” is crucial in allowing the community and student body to understand the struggles of going to a predominately white institution. Not only does Onward State claim to pursue “honest conversation”, but it’s for the hope of “enriching the Penn State community and experience.”

This isn’t to suggest that Onward State should change their fixation of constant click-bait in order to stay relevant, but actually begin to promote the “honest conversation” that they pride themselves on. This IS to say that Onward State has the ability to change the narrative on campus. This IS to ask the question as to why they covered the Solidarity movement in regards to Mizzou with a measly caption. This IS to ask why Onward State allowed for bigotry and hate to fill the commentary and not offer any sort of actual contextual reason behind the movement and why it matters to the Penn State community.

We get it; you cover a variety of topics. What we don’t understand is why your “honest conversations” don’t extend beyond a caption. What we don’t understand is why you’re not asking pressing questions. Why under your categorical section of ‘Student Life’ there has not been any article since the semester began discussing the problematic encounters that minorities have dealt with since arriving to State College. You can provide the forum, but you’ve failed to. We understand, providing a forum for all voices may end in consequence, but brings into question problems that Penn State must address in order for all to prosper.

I don’t ask that you change your focus, but follow YOUR mission statement. 


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