What If?


What if is a pro-feminist poem about some of the socially sex-based barriers that society has created and explores the "what if" factor to flipping the switch on those barriers and predetermined notions.

What if Tom Brady Sr.

Let Julie Brady try on shoulder pads

And she liked it


What if that little girl being forced to open up

Another stupid pink Barbie doll

for her birthday was given a basketball instead


As if pink was the only color that could possibly represent the femininity of a woman


What if we gave boys easy bake ovens as kids

So men like my father knew how to make more than just spaghetti

had all the balls to do more then sit on mom’s cooking

Looking like a hundred plus pounds

Of sexually privileged meat

Because right now without woman man wouldn’t even be able to eat


What if we didn’t have Clinique and realized that women don’t have to wear make up because they can get just as dirty as I and still look beautiful

Without painting themselves in an image

Some balled up piece of meat defined as sexy hundreds of years ago

Have you looked in the mirror?

Where did you go to school that taught you

To define a woman’s “sexiness”

As if a woman that rode a bike without a pink bell was sent from hell

Well I’ll be the man to call bull

Because I’d have to say

A strong independent woman is heaven sent


What if we got rid of the term Tom boy

And came to the macho realization that

Woman has always been stronger than man

We could’ve never stood a chance without flowing through her

Life can’t exist without passing through that

Shiny pearly gateway

And she has been forever deemed gatekeeper

Doesn’t just have the key but

Continues to nest the door of hu-man kind

So man if you knew the kind of women you were dealing with

You too would want to speak like one

Because we may be son

But woman is galaxy

Which is space that we just happen to occupy


But What if…what if God was a woman

Laughing at us for hundreds of millions of years because

We were never able to realize the true image of God

Was Eve

And we have been oppressing the very rib of God for centuries

Because let’s be real the power to Bare the air of a soul

Is an act of a God so, CON-CIEVE that

And that super power was given to super woman not to Kent


What if we didn’t wait until 1920

And this country BEEN had a women president

Then maybe just maybe

We would have too


forced respect to the word consent

And shined light on this epidemic

Where men can force women,

Lift there metaphorical aprons

And take as many homemade baked cookies as they please

With ease

Because the most trouble presented to these bees

Are in the form of timely warnings

So we get to chase as much honey as we please

It is time for things to change

Let’s give women their money’s worth

Because they deserve more than just change

Cents to the dollar are no longer enough

And it doesn’t make any


It is time for  women

To be able to make it rain

Without out living in shame

But…What if

WHAT IF  there weren’t any more what ifs

Ignorance is bliss

And it is time to realize that it was women whom created all of this


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