Redefining the Black Bird

Redefiding the Black Birl.jpg

Redefining the Black Bird is about the struggles of a black women at a predominantly white school. It touches on being a minority stuck in such a color oriented world.

Lone Bird small world

Lone Bird lone girl

Lone Bird big world

See this Bird can’t fly and

Lone Bird she can’t sing

Lone bird is just lonely and her hope is her only thing


Now the word lone take it out and replace it with black


Black bird is in a small world

Black bird is a lone girl

Black bird she is stuck in a big world

Black bird shes the only one

Black bird here you are alone


Black bird she cant fly no mo

Her wings fell off  trying to hold

the weight of such a hateful world


Black bird doesn’t know how to cry no mo

Even her cold tears of sorrow

Are scared to fall

Down her hated face


Black bird doesn’t see the reason to try no mo

Every step forward she takes the entrance to acceptance

Is moved further and further away


Mysteries aren’t answered in the sky no mo

She looks up and is reminded that

she just wants to die for sure


Black bird your flock wasn’t allowed in these doors

They only let one through to better their décor

Picture for their wall

That helps their pride stand tall

Representation falsely of their equality

To show the definition change in their society


Black bird can’t sing

Tries to grace the world with melodies that she was told were from heaven but the other melon-less birds who say they represent Christianity are just so mean

All she can do is sing silent silhouettes of sorrow



See Black bird I too am like you

I sit here and am alone

Trying to call this empty place a full home

I too have at points lost my voice to sing

have too been deaf to that bell’s ring

Lying to myself about my own wealth

Stealth is the mode I’m always in

Fit in I will never so I choose to blend

So maybe black woman I agree that this

Is our end

In this class we will never be able to win

They’ll never give us one so we’ll have to find our voice within





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