Hey GOP, Racism isn’t Over

GOP_Logo1.svg.png December 1st, 2015 marked the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat for a white passenger. Defying Jim Crow laws, Park's act of defiance became a pivotal point in the civil rights movement and helped change the course of history. As usual, people took to twitter to express sentiment; however, some completely missed the idea and a few history lessons as well.


Today, many reminisced on Twitter of the Grand Old Party’s 2013 tweet that sparked a variety of questions and rightfully so.

I repeat, “ending racism.” Racism is over? That’s news to me!

Since the original tweet surfaced, thousands of comments and reaction images have filled timelines, blogs, and other media outlets.

Ironically, the original tweet can’t be found directly under the photos and video section of RNC @GOP’s account. Some twitter users noted that the tweet was corrected, but the Underground always keeps receipts.

Should we be worried? The GOP can’t honestly believe racism has ended, right?

Election season is upon us and the need for more Republican voters has been made clear. Blatantly wrong statements like these are what may potentially damage the party and serve as just one example of why there are so many issues with the United State’s Grand Old Party.

About Candice Crutchfield (20 Articles)
Candice is an occasionally stressed out college student and aspiring lawyer from northern Virginia. The African-American student-turned-social-justice-advocate can be found reading about civil rights issues, ranting about millennial life, and starting Twitter conversations with Soledad O’Brien. After being many people’s only black friend, she gained an interest in establishing diverse and accepting communities. A media junkie of sorts, she can also be found writing for Blavity, binge watching TV shows, and taking endless pictures of food for her Instagram account. Email her: candice@undergroundvoices.co

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