WE ARt – December 4th

dec 4

Today’s WE ARt is accompanied by a blog post written by our contributor, Dorianne Young.


“Always be a first rate version of yourself”

“Be you and only you”

“Don’t try to be someone else”

I say no. 

You are the sum of every person you have met. You are the sum of all the emotions they have printed in your heart. You are their lessons and what they teach, a fanatic or a rebel of what they preach. They are the seeds and you are the plant. They are the sun, the rain and the working hands. 

I say yes.

You are one of a kind; the perfect concoction of every soul your life has drawn. 

You are the beautiful mélange of your father and your mother, your sister, your brother, your friends, your enemies and every angel and demon your God has sent. 


ARt by:Helen Maser “Ephemeral” | Found in the Visual Arts Building @ Zoller Gallery

This is a series of art curated by our contributor, Dorianne Young, titled WE ARt.


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