Saw An Orange Moon

Check out this poem titled “Saw An Orange Moon” by Ka’Lee Strawbridge-Moten

In this composite photograph the moon during various phases at the begining, middle and end of a total lunar eclipse April 15, 2014 as seen from Magdalena, New Mexico. While all of the event is visible from North and South America, sky watchers in northern and and eastern Europe, eastern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia will be out of luck, according to NASA. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Your smile

Is Badu’s Orange Moon

Brighter than anything ever seen before


Brown skin to fill milky ways

Overflowing all of recee’s cups

You cannot be contained


You are a bag of Middleswarth chips

See that is a Harrisburg thing

some of ya’ll couldn’t possibly understand

So please let this brotha explain


Middleswarth’s are to a Harrisburg resident

As heroin is to a junkie’s needles

And I need you


Gold she is

People will travel around the world to rush

To her presence trying to extract her beauty

Like she is an essential mineral produced

by Mother Earth’s coveted private roots


Some people have bae goals

But she’s #life’s goals

She is the “full” in successful

Without her your success will be empty and pointless


She is the last character available in a twitter post

Cherished, Chosen with caution because

She is the end of life as you knew it

And is the capital letter to your new book

The never ending story to a 90’s baby


She is the first dollar added to your empty meal plan

With her you feel rich, feel unstoppable, you feel like no one can tell you nothing

You will never be hungry again.

Because you could eat without her

But without her you will forever feel empty


She is and will forever be life

Like a black brother’s lifestyle of basketball

You are a clutch free throw

AND 1, to be cashed in without hesitation


You will forever be Badu’s orange moon

The perfect blend of light and dark

A glimpse parallel to none but seen by all

Morphing perfection and flawless

No words can be said with just.

You will always leave this mute speechless

You are………



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