I Too Dreamt Once

Close up portrait of a happy black man in his 20s isolated on a white background

I read once that we have nothing to fear but fear itself but fear is starting to scare me


I’ve watched 100s of roses grow through the American concrete

And witnessed the same amount get stricken down like they were tumble weeds


Feeding on our blood like our African rosaries have nectar in them

these bees continue to feed on our fear because they fear us


But our melanin filled rose pedals were meant to be feared because we are kings and queens

Like being on Martin’s dream team

Trying to stand tall like Dawkins or Kareem


While their shots against us are thrown before we can step on the court

Playing judge, juror, and executioner trying to make sure we never get a chance move forward


Attempting to extinct the black man, starve the black man, separate the black man from his family

But trying to say that this is some how not modern day western European slavery


Slave – A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to “obey” them.


And if you don’t obey they will make you their property of this injustice system that they have created

Merely to entrap us, they don’t make jail cells without the purpose to house the black son

So the black man can’t shine


They won’t tell the silver spoon eaters that we built this country

but unjustly we were in systematic chains of bureaucracy



Realize this, you can’t kill the dream

We proved that in 68 when they brought the death of King


See I too dreamt once

And In this dream we took our rightful place as kings

The black man no longer had to dream

We were put on a pedestal where we were seen as supreme

And The Trayvon’s of the world could walk free


I dreamt of our African Women actually being able to be African women

Without having to make a decision of choosing between her culture and being respected

Where she could be seen as Angelic because that’s how she was made when she was Heaven sent


We are….heaven sent


I too dreamt once.

And in this dream,

We shook the world.


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