WE ARt – January 14th


“And we live in a world where connecting with others is easier than ever. 
Some of us are never disconnected. 
With our fancy phones or laptop 
And Internet access
 We can talk to people across the globe, see their faces, hear their voices.
 Technology has brought people who otherwise would not have met together.

How can anyone with those capabilities still feel lonely? 
A screen doesn’t do justice.
 This is a world full of humans staring at other humans through screens,
 and forgetting to look reality in the eyes. 
Forgetting to touch skin.
It’s so easy to forget there is an entire world out there when you already feel like you carry the world and all the people in it, in your pocket. But it’s not real.
 And we’re forgetting. And I feel it.

– Disconnected / k-atelynelizabeth

ARt found in Flickr

This is a series of art curated by our contributor, Dorianne Young, titled WE ARt


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