Students: Here’s What You Can Do to Assist Flint Residents

So what can Penn State students due to help with aid and relief efforts? Fortunately there are numerous initiatives to take part in both locally and across the nation.

Seen throughout media sources, the story of government neglect, personal ploys to save money, and what many refer to as an environmental disaster has spread throughout the  Flint, Michigan community. Commonly refereed to as the Flint Water Crisis, the problem has made its way into mainstream media waves. With 56% Black residents and 41% below the poverty level, the crisis has sparked outrage, concern, and requests for relief efforts.

The harsh circumstances have captured the hearts and minds of many celebrities. Rappers Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, and Sean “Diddy” Combs have voiced efforts to send bottled water to the Michigan community. With help from New Bethel Baptist Church, Aretha Franklin announced a plan to provide hotel rooms, food, and water, to over 50 Flint residents. Jimmy Fallon, Cher, and others have already sent over 181,000 water bottles to the community and the initiative is increasing.

It’s important to note that sending water bottles will greatly assist the Flint community; however, it is not a permanent solution to the longterm problem. “Until we can get fresh clean drinking water out of the taps in the city of Flint, our efforts are not going to stop” said a Flint resident, to Centre Daily Times.

So what can Penn State students do to help with aid and relief efforts? Fortunately there are numerous initiatives to take part in both locally and across the nation.

Local Outreach

Paul Robeson Cultural Center
The PRCC will be collecting water bottles from now until February 2, 2016. All donations should be taken to the PRCC-Hub.

Research Initiatives

Flint Water Study
The Flint Water Study is a independent research team comprised of students, faculty, scientists, and volunteers at Virginia Tech. The group collects lead kits from Flint residents, analysis toxins, and informs residents of the increasing dangers within specific homes and regions.

Water Quality Research Engineers
The Engineering department at the University of Michigan are conducting research and watching the situation in regards to several long-term aspects of the flint drinking water crisis.


Flint Water Response Team (Help for Flint)
Live United, United Way Genessee
Flint Child Health and Development Fund
Catholic Charities of Center for Hope

Donation Centers in Flint

Flint Community Schools
Cash Donations: 810-767-6030, 810-760-1310
Bottled Water Donations: 810-760-1310

Flint Community Activists
Melissa Mays, 810-423-3435

Islamic Center Mumin 
Mima Gamin Rasool, 810-785-4001

Catholic Charities of Genesee County
Soup Kitchen and Warming Center, 810-785-6911

Are there any other ways to give back to Flint within the State College community? Let us know in the comments below!

About Candice Crutchfield (20 Articles)
Candice is an occasionally stressed out college student and aspiring lawyer from northern Virginia. The African-American student-turned-social-justice-advocate can be found reading about civil rights issues, ranting about millennial life, and starting Twitter conversations with Soledad O’Brien. After being many people’s only black friend, she gained an interest in establishing diverse and accepting communities. A media junkie of sorts, she can also be found writing for Blavity, binge watching TV shows, and taking endless pictures of food for her Instagram account. Email her:

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  1. Barron Lacy Sr. // January 29, 2016 at 10:59 am // Reply

    Great Ideas for everybody to have a way to get involved .


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