The Importance of Cultural Expression

Immersive Atmosphere, Cultural Fusion and a Comfortable Environment are what made Jashn 2016 a wonderful event.

To me, Jashn was an event that all cultures could appreciate and enjoy. Coming in, I knew that other languages would be spoken at Jashn but the exposure to a new culture through performance was refreshing.

There were 3 main things about Jashn that not only helped me to enjoy the event more but also be able to follow along:

1. Immersive Atmosphere

Once the performances started, I was given a sense of how rich the culture is in India in the form of dancing, singing, and drumming! Diversity not only in the country but diversity in expression of culture through different art forms all in one place.

2. Cultural Fusion

It was amazing to see the mixing of culture during a few of the songs that were sung throughout the show. Many started with western song lyrics then changed up into their own popular cultural songs. Not only was this creative but it also made it easy for me to get into the music as an audience member of a different race.

3. Comfortable Environment

Lastly, the atmosphere of the entire show was inviting and overall positive. I felt as though they had open arms for everyone not just the Indian students. Not once did I feel out of place or completely lost as to what was happening. Some performances even had introduction videos the gave a short explanation of what they were about to do.

Overall, Jashn was an event that everyone should experience at least once. I am happy I went and am looking forward to future events that offer the same experience.

About Kevin Abrokwah (8 Articles)
Kevin is a sophomore who enjoys playing instruments such as the guitar, piano and viola. He currently lives in the northeast region of Philadelphia, Pa but was born in New Brunswick, NJ. Being a former captain of his high school football team Kevin loves the outdoors and sports in general. He is a Lenfest scholar who is undecided on a major but is looking to go to med school. Kevin is a gentle giant who loves to be around family and friends just having a good time.

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