After A long day she decompresses

Her stress is put up in a pony tail

Emmaculately bound together by the means of a hair tie

Comprised of her stretched out sanity

She takes a deep breath and inhales oxygen

As she exhales life’s exhaustions

She triple locks her door to protect herself from the world


The song that chain lock sings as it clicks

Is the first measure of safety that she’s felt

Since she was barely tall enough to let the dog in


She takes her prescriptions out of her eyes and puts lenses on them

She is at peace


She begins to draw

On an empty canvas that she will never be able to fill

Cause it is as empty  she will always feel about herself

No matter how many time she finger paints in her blood

The pallet will never be cultivate her emotions


But she tries anyway

With the strokes that outline the depths of her imagination

At this moment there is not anyone judging her

She has sat down the weight of the world for the day


She has hung up the coat of responsibility

She has washed free the make up off of her face

Because here in this moment she lives carelessly of societies judgement

In this moment she is not the voice of anyone but her soul

This moment is hers and hers alone

Not sharing with anyone else

She is free


It is as if she is away from the world

She is here but she is in her own head

There she probably runs a kingdom

Her thoughts bow down to her like she is Cleopatra

These mere minutes up there feel like centuries

This is a place that she wishes she could forever call home

The color of her skin probably does not matter there

Racism does not exist

A the fact that she is a woman has no jurisdiction in this land

All that matters is her

She is cherised


I wish I could send you to this all expense paid safari whenever this world seemed unbarable

When you feel like the very air that you breath is too here to harm you

When you get that feeling of being alone and are a mule to the worlds fires

But don’t have anymore oxygen to put them out

When you feel like you want to scream but all that escapes is exhaustion

Because you are just that tired of fighting and do not have anymore energy to stand in the ring

I’d send you to that place to be free, to rule your thoughts, to be in control of your emotios

I’d be happiness

And you’d be whole




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