Penn State Rap Battle Set for Friday


Who is Penn State’s greatest rapper?

That question will be answered Friday night as Open Mic Penn State puts on the Fourth Annual PSU Rap Battle, a 1v1 tournament style event.

The competition is open for Penn State students and non-students to compete for prize money and bragging rights.

While the event is open for anyone to try out and be featured in the battle, those who are lacking in the rhythm department are welcome to watch the battle take place.

Open  M.I.C (Open Music, Inspirations and Concepts) is a Penn State student organization that caters to all performers at Penn State through weekly meetings and performances.

The battle takes place on Friday, Feb. 26 at 6:30 p.m in 105 Forum. Admission to the event is $1.

Click here to learn more about the event.

About Adriana Lacy (64 Articles)
Adriana is from the oh-so-famous town of “Right Outside of Philly,” Pennsylvania currently double majoring in Public Relations and African-American Studies. She is a passionate sports fan, avid reader, and an obsessive tweeter. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about sports and social justice while drinking urban-framed, artisan crafted coffee. A proud black student, Adriana considers herself a social justice warrior and strives to promote racial equality and diversity in her community. Email her at and tweet with her at @adriana_lacy

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