Art Corner: ‘I Shall Prevail’

Check out this artwork by our contributor, Brianna Raysor, titled I Shall Prevail.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

This piece was made it during the time of the Ferguson verdict. Her hair symbolizes the chaos and bloodshed in the black community while her looking towards the sky symbolizes optimism and strength, meaning she will not let her struggles define her future and success.

About briannaraysor (4 Articles)
Brianna is just your average eighteen year old-biracial-social justice activist from New York, trying to make her mark in the world, one day at a time! She is also an avid lover of talking, debating, peach snapple, knick knacks, Cam Newton (especially when hittin' dem folks/dabbin'), anything Kendrick Lamar related, and everything remotely out of the ordinary. Brianna is also the world title holder of being the #1 triple texter/imessage novelist and she is very proud of this feat. She is beyond elated to give The Underground a glimpse into her very chaotic mind! Her life motto: youdowhatyouwantwhenyourepoppin. Oh and lastly, she wants to remind you: always stay woke.

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