‘Mike D’ Crowned Open Mic’s Greatest Rapper

‘Mike D’ was crowned as Penn State’s Open Mic Club’s greatest rapper Friday night in the Forum Building.

DSC_5054 (1).jpg

Open M.I.C held their Fourth Annual Rap battle Friday night in front of an energized crowed in the Forum Building.Michael Drozdowski, who goes by the stage name of ‘Mike D’ took home the crown and bragging rights as Penn State’s  best rapper for this year.

Mildred Williams, the Paul Robeson Cultural Center Program coordinator, Dante, a Penn State Alumni and former Vice president of Open M.I.C, and finally, Christina, an Interim Advisor for Penn State were the judges during the epic battle. 

In total, there were ten rappers eager to compete and win not only cash but bragging rights as well. In the first bracket, there were ten rounds that were 30 to 45 seconds each with each competitor going head to head for two rounds. Last year’s champion, Mr. Mobley returned this year to maintain his rights to the titles of Open MIC Rap Battle Champ. An outline of these brackets will be below.

Note: In cases where there was a tie, the competitors had to drop two punch lines and the crowd would decide who won based on the level of applause heard.

1st Bracket:

Round #

Contestants Winner Tie Decider:


Baby Swiss and T. Dotta Baby Swiss


Baby Swiss and T. Dotta

T. Todda

Overall Winner


JohnD and Scotty Blade



JohnD and Scotty Blade Scotty Blade Overall Winner

Mr. Mobley and Definition


Mr. Mobley and Definition Mr. Mobley


Mike and Harnoor


8 Mike and Harnoor Mike

Overall Winner


Q. Money and Cane
10 Q. Money and Cane Cane

After the first bracket of rappers, there was a redemption round for JohnD and Harnoor, where Harnoor came out victorious and was allowed to enter back into the competition.


For the second bracket of rappers, the same rules applied, two rounds to prove your worth with 30 to 45 seconds each until the semifinals (round 17) where the contestant only had one round to prove their worth.

2nd Bracket

Round # Contestants Winner Tie Decider:


Scotty Blade and T. Dotta


Scotty Blade and T. Dotta

Scotty Blade

13 Mr. Mobley and Cane



Mr. Mobley and Cane Mr. Mobley Cane, However Mr. Mobley was allowed to advance


Mike and Harnoor
16 Mike and Harnoor



Scotty Blade and Cane Kay


Mike and Mr. Mobley


19 Mike, Mr. Mobley and Cane


20 Mike and Cane


The finale to this battle was an intense one, and after talking to some people in attendance, many knew from the beginning that Mike was going to take the crown and bragging rights home. He won a total of $50 and his picture taken by many event photographers in attendance.  Some were upset that the reigning champ was allowed so many second chances in this battle and other equally as talented people were not. Many complained that hearing the rappers became difficult if they said a line that was particularly good.

Overall, it was an amazing event to be able to witness. If you were unable to make it out to this epic event this year, please be sure to mark your calendars and make it a must-do next year! Everyone should attend a rap battle at least once in their lives!

Photos: Kevin Abrokwah

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