Check out this poem on time by our contributor Straw.

“Thank you for sharing your story with me. You are one of the strongest people that i know. You know who you are and this is dedicated to you”


Let’s pretend for one minute you don’t know me as well as you proclaim

Let’s entertain the possibility

That you’ve been here through the shit I’ve dealt with for um..

Lets say…60 seconds


That’s  60 thousand mila seconds you have been given to feel my every emotion that I’ve ever felt


You get a mere glimpse of what it’s like to be behind the mask and just take breaths as me


1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi


let’s say you know what it’s like to

See your soul in the bottom of

an empty pill bottle

That was full 5 minutes ago and is now as empty as your soul like it was a shot glass and you were throwing back doubles to find yourself


But as it became empty

for a split second you regret the last minutes worth of decisions you made

And then watch as your eyes chase the light like a game of tag and then quickly

The light vanishes and you wake up in a foreign land with a new light in your face

And aliens starring at you trying to stable your heart rate but your pulse is playing hide and go seek


1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi



I don’t know if those words were to be used to describe my condition because nothing was clear

The worst thing about facing death is having no recalection of it

Sort’ve like a bad hangover only I wasn’t trying to remember the shots but instead forget the bullets


Erase the gun from my cerebral

that changed my life

I was trying to forget the time

But my xman couldn’t erase my mind


1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi



My pulse was the best at hide and go seek because it never wanted to be found

Because when you’ve lived in my hell for

600 hundred 31 million 138 thousand 500 hundred and 20 seconds your pulse will begin to have no will to live


Your soul will fear life

your heart will hate oxygen and your body will just want to… exhale…

As in ex it out of this hell

Where it’s not the heat that kills

But the hall of mirrors that won’t let you forget

Who you really are


Having you ask questions like:


Are there mask in hell?


Or is it different than Halloween town?


Do you still want to even see me now?


1 Mississippi

2 Mississippi

3 Mississippi



I woke up confused to say the least

One more second and I would have been

Cleared off this earth

God’s purpose for me would’ve been cleared

My mind would be cleared

And I’d finally be cleared of the most dangerous connection I have to me


Now what follows is 666 million thoughts of my own flat line

But hell yeah you definitely know me


I’ve already had two deaths in 20 years

My spirit died at 5 in a dark room behind SVU fears

And my heart stopped 14 years later in an ER


But you wouldn’t know that

Which is why I made it…. Clear







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