“Black Women Rock” Highlights Success of Black Women at Penn State

Black Student Union held Black Women Rock Saturday night, a celebration of the achievements and endeavors of black women in the Penn State community

Penn State’s Black Student Union held their fifth annual Black Women Rock event Saturday, an uplifting evening that brought students together at the Days Inn downtown to celebrate the amazing feats of black women on campus.

Black Women Rock originated at Penn State in 2012 and is comprised of the culmination of achieved women in their fields, expression of students through the arts, and a live performance by a recording artist who is herself a black woman showcasing her unparalleled talents.

The evening began with the recognition of several students based on their excellence in athletics, academics, service to others, and professional development.

Host Khalif Dobson kept the crowd entertained and introduced the nominees for each of the categories for the event.

The talented ladies who received awards for their diligence and dedication to the university and their crafts are:

Athletic award: Ashley Rankine

Leadership award: Aaliyah Burroughs

Academic award: Danielle White

Performing Arts award: Rabiyatu Jalloh

Community Service award: Khadija Bingham

Humanitarian award: Gloria Seminitari

Motivation award: Stephanie Jean-Louis

Faculty/Staff of the Year award: Mildred Williams

Woman of the Year award: Danielle White

Each of these women have excelled in paving the way for women to achieve their goals and to never give up on their dreams. Living and growing in a society which tends to marginalize the contributions and successes of black women, it is crucial to continue to build a base of representation to recognize their efforts and inspire change to the mainstream culture.

In addition to the award ceremony, a number of students showcased their talents through dance, vocals, and spoken word.

To end the night of celebration and excellence, recording artist and Chicago Native, Tink, “rocked” the stage with her vocal talent and high energy. Her spirit and performance reminded the crowd of how special their #BlackGirlMagic really is, and to keep pushing to achieve their goals.

Photo Credit: MTV

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