A Taste of Panama

Students and community members got a taste of Panama Saturday night in Freeman Auditorum.

The Panamanian Student Organization put on an informative show with traditional dance, poems, singing, music and a presentation about Panama and the Panama canal Saturday afternoon in Freeman Auditorium. Hosted by the president and Underground contributor Dorianne Young and vice president Alexandra Young, Panamanian Cultural Night was fun, lively, and interesting.

The show opened with a traditional dance called La Gozadera  meaning “The Party” by Monica Gonzales, Alexandra Leon, Dorianne Young, and Yashna Sachdev. Next a poem called Patria meaning “Homeland” was recited by Gabriela Cedeno followed by a traditional dance called Diablicos Espejo performed by Alexandra Leon, Dorianne Young, and Guillermo Yau.

A traditional Panamanian wedding dance was presented called El Punto by Gabriela Cedeno and David Campos which was followed by another dance called Tierra y Dos Mares meaning “Earth and Two Oceans” performed by Alexandra Leon, Dorianne Young, Gabriela Cedeño, Richie Buell, David Campos, and Melecio Quintana. Then a presentation of the history of the Panama Canal, how it works, and future plans of new locks to accomadate larger ships.

Next the Joey Montana Medley was sung by Alexandra Leon and Lorena Franco with Gian Tonlin on the guitar and Dorianne Young on the Cajon (a type of drum) followed by the spanglish version of Sorry by Justin Bieber performed by Alexandra Leon, Lorena Franco, Brittany Chiu and Gian Tonlin on the guitar. Finally the show finished with a modern choreographed dance by Alexandra Leon, Dorianne Young and Gabriela Cedeño.
Traditional Panamanian food was served after the performance such as Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken with Rice), plantano en tentacion (sweet plaintain), and Volteado De Piña(pinapple upside down cake).


Overall The Panamanian Cultural Night was successful and upon interviewing some audience members after the show they had a consensus that they would come again next year and that the show opened their eyes to a new culture they have never thought about before.



About Kevin Abrokwah (8 Articles)
Kevin is a sophomore who enjoys playing instruments such as the guitar, piano and viola. He currently lives in the northeast region of Philadelphia, Pa but was born in New Brunswick, NJ. Being a former captain of his high school football team Kevin loves the outdoors and sports in general. He is a Lenfest scholar who is undecided on a major but is looking to go to med school. Kevin is a gentle giant who loves to be around family and friends just having a good time.

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