WE ARt – April 1

WE ARt is a series of art curated by our contributor Dorianne Young.

Four years of meeting people from every corner of the world; people who you find annoying and they find you annoying, people who stab knives in your back,  people who pretend they don’t know you after being your lab partners for a whole semester, people who make internships rain like money, people who have hit you hard with a life lesson, people who taught you how to be less of a neophyte, people who are beautifully flawed and honest, people who genuinely like you, people who have become your home away from home, people who simply bring all the good stuff inside you and people who in such a short period of time have proven that ‘best friends’ or ‘soulmates’ don’t need to know each other for years. People who you will miss. People who you will cry for. People who make college a place you never want to leave.

Dorianne Young

ARt by: Judy Chicago, “Three Faces of Man” | Found in Palmer Museum of Art


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