Hair, War, and Faith

Daje Walker is a sophomore studying abroad in London, England.

That moment when you finish five of the six papers that you need to complete and you are free to continue to exploring without feeling guilty that you are not writing papers. Yeah, that is where I am at.

I spent the beginning of the week taking advantage of the free museums all over the city that I have access to. The Imperial War Museum and situated near Elephant and Castle. It takes its visitors through every war that England has been involved in and breaks down how each group of people had a hand in the war effort. There were disfigured planes and letters written between couples during the active years of the wars. On the third floor, I found a small section of the museum that is dedicated to MI5 and MI6. The British opened up some of the espionage cases to the public. In the very last section of the Spy section of the museum, there was a model that broke down a case involving terrorists and how the events played out.

Before deciding to come to London to study abroad, I searched for possibly places to get my hair done. When I arrived, I did not have any idea who was going to do my hair when the time came, how much it would cost, and where to get the products that I needed. Not to worry, London has a large population of African immigrants who have set up shop all over the city. If you are in search of hair, take the Victoria line Northbound to Finsbury. Make two immediate rights as soon as you leave the station. The street you will walk up has at least five hair stores lining the streets. If these places do not meet your needs, then head over to Dalston.

The girls and I found a woman named Aunt Nicky who owns a salon not to far from Kings Cross. The Salon is called God First. She was so nice to us and happy that we brought her four girls over the course of a month. If you are studying abroad and want more details on how to contact her, please feel free to reach out.

St. Paul’s Cathedral has been on my to do list for a few weeks now. I finally made my way to the cathedral on Saturday morning. My goal was to climb to the very top of the building to get photography of the amazing views of the city. Little did I know that there were 257 stairs to get to the top. I started climbing with a little pep in my step. That was over around the first landing.

I thought that I had made a dent in the number of stairs left only to discover, from a photography of the building and a “you are here” sign, that I was only ⅓ of the way up. Might I add that there were a combination of metal stairs, small cement staircase, and wooden stairs. I continued climbing and met a few American travelers.

We spent the last ⅔ of the climb motivating each other. After what felt like 30 minutes, I finally made it to the very top of the Cathedral. The view was worth every stair and the aching legs that I was rewarded with. If you have time to stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral, definitely make your way up. It will at least be a story you can talk about later.

 Header Photo Credit: For Harriett 

About Dajé Walker (17 Articles)
Dajé Walker is a sophomore studying Secondary Social Studies Education and History at the Pennsylvania State University. Her obsessions are learning about the history of different countries, trying new foods, and improving her very amateur photography skills. She will be studying abroad this spring with the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES Abroad) in London, England. As an aspiring educator and researcher, she hopes to learn from every experience that she has over the course of the semester. She will be writing weekly reflections on her adventures this semester.

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