Ben Shapiro: Facts and Feelings

Ben Shapiro spoke to a crowded room Wednesday night regarding the “problem” of diversity.

Despite what Ben Shapiro says, white privilege exists.  Trust me.  I’m white.

Shapiro was brought to Penn State by The College Republicans and Young American’s for Freedom, who surely knew he would bring controversy with him.

The speech was titled When Diversity Becomes a Problem: The Fascist Nature of Liberalism/Presented by: Ben Shapiro.  But it was difficult to come away with a main idea.

Shapiro started off his presentation by telling everybody that he didn’t care about their feelings.  That the only feelings he cared about were people in his own family.  He was unapologetic about this.

He then moved on to talking about diversity: which he basically summed up as, it is actually the left who is racist for caring about race at all.

Next up was white privilege. Shapiro noted that their is only one problem with white privilege “that it is largely bullshit.”  He added, “it makes people of minority status feel good to talk about white privilege.”

Shapiro goes on to note: “The reality is that we live in the freest country in the history of the world, if you want to make something of yourself do it.”  But this seems to be in direct contradiction of any freedom index ever.  Sorry if that fact hurt your feelings Ben.

Shapiro’s third talking point was micro-aggressions.  Next he boasted a story about how he referred to a transgender woman as sir on National TV.  He then went on to his fourth talking point which was about safe spaces and by then he’s just kind of saying the same thing over and over again with different words out of a thesaurus.

Shapiro is a regular Ted Cruz.  He’s mastered the witty one-liner and sips down his water afterward so that you can laugh and applaud.  The crowd didn’t disappoint.  Also like the Texas Senator he’s crafted the art of subtle racism, where you cannot pick out a single glaring quote, but you know it’s there.  Referring to the protesters Shapiro added “they couldn’t quote you one single racist comment I’ve made, because I haven’t said any.”

The Protests

The real story of the night might not have been Shapiro’s word themselves.  Most of the people there probably already knew what he was going to say, and I doubt he changed many minds on either spectrum.

It was evident from the beginning that Shapiro was glad the protesters were there.  He frequently used them to emphasize his points.

I’m not sure who that matters to, or if it means the protesters would have been better off not being there.  It’s just my objective note, Shapiro feeds off dissent.

Protesters were stuck outside of the event and were left chanting from the exterior of the lecture hall.  Some chants included: “Shut him down!”  “Black Lives Matter,” “Let us in!” and I believe I even heard Work by Rihanna playing at one point.

From what I could see, the protests were generally peaceful, though disruptive.

The terrible climax of the night happened about 10 minutes into Shapiro’s speech.  When a cop walked over to the protesters and appeared to say “Shut up or somebody is going to be shot.”

I have an audio recording of the entire event but it’s difficult to make out exactly what the cop is saying, though the word “shot” rings through painfully clear.  And it’s evident by the reaction of the protesters and the people around me that I wasn’t the only one to hear this.

I don’t want to comment further until I can speak with both sides.  If you know any protesters or YAF/College Republicans that would like to speak on the event please contact me at

Photo Credit: Truth Revolt

About Nathan Golden (9 Articles)
Nathan is a junior at Penn State studying economics and education policy and not in that order. In his spare time he enjoys having his heart broken by all his favorite sports teams, especially every Buctober. When he's not weeping because of a bad sports loss, he can be found ranting to somebody who doesn't care at a party about contemporary issues in education. He will be heading to Hong Kong this summer to teach low-income high school students economics and hopes to teach math full time when he graduates.

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