Julie Bouchard takes home ‘Artist of the Year’ at Penn State’s Music Awards

Penn State Open MIC held the Penn State Music Awards Thursday night in the HUB-Robeson Center.

Yesterday, Open Mic sponsored the 2016 PSU Music Awards which gave recognition to student musicians, composers, DJs, Producers, dance groups, and poets to name a few. This event was hosted by Louie Petrone and Daniel Wells.

The evening was filled with student performances from some of the present nominees. These performances included Penn State’s co-ed acapella group NOTA, Danny Wells, Julie Bouchard, Louie Petrone, songs from the The Thespians’ most recent play, “Into The Woods”, spoken word from Maya Stainback, and dance performances by The Misfits and Trap Panther Ty.

As for the winners he winners of the categories, they were as follows:

  1. Best DJ: DJ Trillz
  2. Best Producer: Hughes
  3. Best Female Singer: Rose Turner
  4. Best Male Singer: Cecil Blutcher
  5. Best Female Songwriter: Julie Bouchard
  6. Best Male Songwriter: Shawn Fox
  7. Best Female Performer: Julie Bouchard
  8. Best Male Performer: Cecil Blutcher
  9. Best Dance Crew: RAM Squad
  10. Best Dance Performance: RAM Squad
  11. Best Female Poet: Maya Stainback
  12. Best Male Poet: David Gaines
  13. Best Musical: Into The Woods
  14. Best Rapper: Trap Panther Ty
  15. Best Mixtape: Trap Panther Ty
  16. Best Band: My Hero Zero
  17. Best Acoustic Performance: Julie Bouchard
  18. Best Acapella Performance: Coda Conduct
  19. Artist of the Year: Julie Bouchard


The evening closed with a final performance by Julie Bouchard, a dance performance by  The Misfits and a rap performance by Trap Panther Ty.

About Alicia Harris (12 Articles)
Alicia is a positive freshman majoring in biochemistry from Northern Virginia. She has big dreams of becoming a surgeon someday many years from now. When she’s not in class, eating, sleeping or studying, you can find her reblogging and starting conversations on Tumblr after-hours, or starting conversations about social justice with friends. In her free time, she loves to take pictures, watch movies, sing and discover new musicians on Spotify.

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