WE ARt – April 8

WE ARt is a series of art curated by our contributor Dorianne Young.

“I usually don’t like reading books. Books get drunk from my precious time and very often snatch me away to far away places, like Wonderland or wherever, when I need to be here. Right now. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the content or I don’t value writers and the time they spend achieving a masterpiece. And it’s not even about them “spending” time like money, it’s about them savoring the precious time of writing. I want to read their favorite quotes, those paragraphs carefully sewn with words, where they dropped the pen, and thought ‘You know what…This is it, this is what will hit’em hard.’ Because maybe if I had all the patience and ‘time’ in the world, I’d love to lose myself in books.”

Dorianne Young

ARt  Found in the Visual Arts Building @ Zoller Gallery


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