Indian Folk Dance Comes to Penn State

Penn State got a taste of Indian culture Friday night in Heritage Hall.

On Friday, April 8th, Penn State’s Sikh Student Association held its 11th annual Bhangra Ressurection event. Bhangra is a lively type of folk dance originating in the Punjab region in South Asia, much like the Sikh religion itself.

The event featured the talents of several Penn State Indian groups, including Indian classical dance team Natya, Indian fusion dance team JaDhoom, South Asian A Capella group Fanaa, and, of course, Penn State’s bhangra team, Penn State De Sher.


The Sikh Student Association also invited British-Sri Lankan singer/songwriter Arjun to the event. “People were shouting outside, like ‘Arjun! Arjun! Arjun!’ And he’s not THAT huge, but everyone came to see him,” explains Kirenjot Kaur, president of the Sikh Student Association. “We didn’t let them in for an hour, so when he finally came on everyone was really hype.”


“People seemed to really enjoy the singer and the music, and… everyone was turnt af. Turnt af, you can quote me on that.” I’m quoting her on that.

All in all, the event proved to be successful, and the excitement the students had to hear Arjun and to see the dance and singing groups was palpable. After the festivities had ended, the Sikh Student Association posted “Wow guys well thank you all for coming to BR last night! We hope you had a kick-ass time singing your heart out with Arjun, dancing to sick beats by DJ Raj Minocha, and getting your pic taken at the photo booth! See y’all next year – date to be announced soon!” indicating that the tradition of Penn State students coming together to celebrate Punjabi folk dance will be continued again.


Be sure to check out our photos from the event!

About Adam Tidball (6 Articles)
Adam is a physics and astrophysics student from the suburbs of Philadelphia. When not getting bodied by his problem sets, he enjoys learning foreign languages, boxing, making friends, and advocating for equality of all people. He enjoys learning and writing about culture, racial equality, gender equality, LGBT+ rights, and philanthropy.

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