Java Jam II Provides Comforts of the Past Through the Arts

The second annual Java Jam, an arts event featuring students and community members took place Thursday night at VFW.

Coming down to 139 S. Barnard Street to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) on a Thursday proved to be interesting. The VFW hosted the second Java Jam and managed to offer surprises to newcomers by presenting wonderful performances and soul food. Starting the night, the atmosphere was set to a playful tone that also offered a comfortable seat in a time capsule.

Through the music—what seemed to be the comforts of the past—from the Jazz era of the 1920s’ to the Smooth Jazz era in the 1980s’, each were presented accordingly. Once the crowd had warmed up to those sounds, the entertainment and the excitement of a similar 70s’ song was sang. The song Sunshine, played by the band, was smooth, yet offered an electric energy that had everyone bobbing their heads as they enjoyed their food.

After hearing the band play, Afrique Fusion, had their time in the spotlight. They swayed in every direction to Caribbean style music and dance. They offered the audience multiple dances and music tracks, never missing a beat and focused entirely on making the rhythmic beat one to remember.


The night continued with spoken word pieces. Each touched on police and gun violence and the daily pain inflicted to people of color because of their race, never focusing on the character of the person, but the ethnicity. Both pieces had the consensus of their livelihood being taken away with the senseless violence.

Counting down to the end of the night, the final performances were on. A standup comedian was introduced to the audience. The comedian proved to have a different sense of humor than the rest of the performances and guests, but still offered a laugh when the joke had ended.

Although the night incorporated so many different types of entertainment from live jazz, to spoken word and comedy, the audience was able to join together and enjoy their night. The mix of performances had their own complexity and individual meaning. The night offered an environment filled with ease and enjoyment, one that sizzled with passion.

The event was sponsored RoBurrage Productions, Kappa Omicron Nu, UPAC, 3rd Way Collective, Lutheran Campus Ministry and Calvary Baptist State College.

Photo Credit: Adriana Lacy 


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