WE ARt – May 4

WE ARt is a series of art curated by our contributor Dorianne Young.

When you show someone a little piece of yourself that is deep buried inside you, just a tiny scrap of what you thought would always live in the dark, you bring your walls down and you throw your shield to the ground.

You are vulnerable.

You are naked.

You are an open wound.

There you are exposing your flesh, ready to get hurt by the ears that ‘don’t get it’ and you still open up because you hope someone will understand what seems to not make sense. You hope for someone who will let you lean your head on his or her shoulder and whisper in your ear, ‘it’s okay, you are not alone.’

And I know you will find this someone. Someone who is truly deserving of all the goodness and mysteries brewing inside you.

Dorianne Young

This week’s WEARt is all written by our graduating senior, Dorianne Young.


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