Podcast: Coexisting Is Cool But…How to Appreciate and Love In Diversity

You can’t ask “why?” with a closed mind. Check out this podcast on diversity from Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon.

By: Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon
In this episode, Jiggy shares how we can take advantage of the opportunity we have in the U.S. to be educated about other cultures and other humans simply by opening up a conversation. Learning and unlearning in this way can help us practice empathy and understand others’ behaviors/thoughts/views, and, ultimately, can bring peace and love even further than ‘coexisting’ can. The vision is to take our conversations outside of classes, such as, Soc 119 (Race and Ethnic Relations), and to learn to be self-motivated enough to start those conversations on our own; to understand that people can’t know what they don’t see; to understand that we don’t have to agree, but, we can understand. Not only could we exist in the same place at the same time (definition of ‘coexist’, but we can share that space and fill it with love and empathy.

Na Eun “Jiggy” Yoon graduated from Penn State back in 2014 and stayed in State College afterwards for a full-time job position. Just about a month ago, she quit that job to pursue her dreams of becoming a Motivational/Thought-Provoking/Change-Provoking Speaker. The root of the journey is her passion in spreading awareness of Emotional Intelligence and the crucial importance of it. Yoon is currently Podcasting on Soundcloud and Blogging on Medium with many different topics of how Emotional Intelligence can affect every day lives, friendships/relationships, goals/passion, life in college, work environment, etc. With this, she is hoping to start being invited to speak to the students and faculty of Penn State.

Artwork: Subway Riders Ralph Fasanella (1914-1997)

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