The Freshman Guide: Study Spaces

As incoming freshman, finding an ideal study location is key. If you don’t want to get stuck in your dorm, check out this list.

As incoming freshman, some may be concerned about where they are going to study on a campus that houses over 45,000 students. This surprisingly is not an issue. Of course you can study in your dorm, in the lobby or on the roof of your building. Or, you can head to Pattee/Paterno library and check out the “Harry Potter Room” and claim that as your coveted study place, but the University Park campus has more to offer us than just those two. Today, I’m going to be letting you know my ten favorite places to study.

1) The HUB

Officially known as the HUB-Robeson Center, this is hands down one of the busiest building on campus. It is a great place to study because it offers a variety of study locations that suits anyone’s preferences. If you like to be around friends and places with a lot of activity, the ground floor of the HUB is the place for you. If you like to meet new people, then the Paul Robeson Cultural Center is calling your name. However, if you prefer a quieter study location, the second and third floors have exactly you’re looking for. Whether its rooms to study in as a group, or single study cubbies, you can find both here on these floors. And, if you get hungry, delicious food is only a few steps away

2) Life Sciences Bridge

This to me, is my favorite place to study. This bridge offers a wonderful view of the campus and comfortable seats and chairs to study in. When it is not finals week, this building is quiet and great if you study best with no major distractions. Whether its with a group or a solo session, this building has a lot to offer.

3) Business Building

With a variety of study locations, like classrooms that offer whiteboards, tables and places perfect for groups, the business building should be on you study place list. It has a wonderful amount of natural lighting that is perfect for anyone trying to study hard for that big math exam.

4) IST Building

This building offers plenty of places to study while serving up a pretty nice view. There is plenty of space here and during the week there are cafes open in the IST building as well. You can study at the tables that are right on the other side of the glass windows, in the lobby areas on the higher floors, or in the classrooms in the building.


5) Webster’s Bookstore & Cafe

Webster’s is a cute and quirky place that has more to offer than meets the eye. It has places for you to study for that psych exam you have, listen to some awesome musicians, order your favorite coffee and also purchase some books or vintage vinyls.

6) Schlow Centre Region Library

Some people forget that this library is downtown, but it is a great place to study if you find that Pattee/Paterno is too busy for your liking. This library is like any other library and they have a “Teen Lounge” which is the perfect place to catch up on some reading for that philosophy quiz you have.

7)Hintz Family Alumni Center

Despite the fact that this building is only open to the public on certain days and times, when it is open its a great place to studWithIth comfortable chairs and an ideal location near downtown, its perfect if you need to make a quick run for food, or if you want to relax for a bit before you continue your studies.

8) Residential Commons

Whether you live in Pollock, North, South, East, or West, the Commons are a geat place to study if you don’t feel like walking far, but you want to get out of your dorm building. With each place having a unique design, they offer great locations to study, grab a snack, or browse on the computer if needed.

9) Sackett/Hammond Buildings – Kunkle Lounge

Resting at the junction of the Sackett and Hammond buildings, the Kunkle lounge is an ideal place to study if you’ve just finished a class in either of these buildings and you have time in between until your next class. Sitting directly across from Dunkin Donuts downtown, its perfect if you want to make a quick donut run then head right back up for some studying. The windows are also a plus as the offer a lot of natural lighting. Plus, if you don’t feel like walking back to your dorm, or to your next class, the bus stop is right outside this building.

10) Any empty Classroom

Studying in an empty classroom is ideal if you like to write on the board or if you need to practice a presentation. With most buildings being unlocked on campus, it shouldn’t be hard to find a room if all the other locations are busy. Many of the buildings also have lounge areas which are great to study in as well.

I’m positive that after your first year here at Penn State, you’ll definitely have your own list of study places that you frequent. And with that, welcome to Penn State and good luck with your studies!

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About Alicia Harris (12 Articles)
Alicia is a positive freshman majoring in biochemistry from Northern Virginia. She has big dreams of becoming a surgeon someday many years from now. When she’s not in class, eating, sleeping or studying, you can find her reblogging and starting conversations on Tumblr after-hours, or starting conversations about social justice with friends. In her free time, she loves to take pictures, watch movies, sing and discover new musicians on Spotify.

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